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Key features about Urine Health Test Strips make it a great product for evaluating your ketogenic diet that may also reduce Oxidative Stress.

About the product
  • HealthyWiser Urinalysis Reagent Strips comes with 10 parameters allowing you to check your urine for Glucose, Protein pH, Leukocytes, Nitrites, Ketones, Bilirubin, Blood, Urobilinogen & Specific Gravity.
  • No color change after testing and no color spread between pH and specific gravity
  • Fast visual or instrumental results.
  • No interference in protein by alkali urine
  • High-quality reagents and paper; Resists humidity; Long shelf life (24 months); CE & FDA Approved

Urine Health Test Strips are a Key to Evaluating Your Ketogenic Diet that may also Reduce Oxidative Stress.

Use the Urine Health Test Strips with the MDA Urine Starter Kit to evaluate how a low carb diet like the Ketogenic Diet impacts your Diabetic Health.  Prior to starting your low carb diet, use both kits to evaluate your current diet.  Evaluate your low carb diet after 1 and 2 weeks to ensure that your urine glucose levels are normal.  If your Urine Oxidative Stress level is still above normal, then you suffer from Blood Oxidative Stress.  General Oxidative Stress is only due to excessive substrate (glucose) causing mitochondrial dysfunction.  Next, consider using the BLOS Diabetes Hack Kit to reduce your BLOS for improved diabetic health.

Diabetes Management is Expensive!

In the United States, average annual medical costs for Type 2 Diabetes is $9,600! With an organized strategy, a diabetic can make key Lifestyle changes to reduce Oxidative Stress and evaluate diabetes markers for improvement.  Like a bathroom scale used to monitor your weight, the Urine Test kit measures your  Oxidative Stress level.  This approach evaluates your Lifestyle Choices to determine their effectiveness at reducing Oxidative Stress.      The three critical products for this Hack costs $120.  Many more products for fitness, diet, and more could also improve your Hack, but keep you within a budget of $500.

Organize your Hack Strategy to Reduce Oxidative Stress and Hack Diabetes!

Try this new Hack and you may save thousands of dollars in the cost of diabetes management.

BLOS Diabetes Hack Kit has great products to help you with your Hack of Diabetes! Start by reading my new eBook.

Other Great Products Available in a Variety of BLOS Hack Kits

Shop at the BLOS World Store for BLOS Hack Kits that include this eBook and some great products to get you started on your own Hack of Oxidative Stress!  Click on the figure below to find more great Products for your BLOS Hack!

Infographic describing the components of the BLOS Hack Kits

Finally, check with your physician before making any changes to your fitness routine and diet.

All revenue generated through the purchase of these products using the Amazon links on this website supports Blood Oxidative Stress Research. 

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