Are There Hemp Oil Benefits for Oxidative Stress?

Can Hemp Seed Oil Reduce Blood Oxidative Stress?

The Green Revolution of Health Care produced numerous health products with more coming.  With concern over THC content, hempreneurs developed thousands of hemp seed oil products Several hundred hemp oil products are supplements, but are they effective against Blood Oxidative Stress?  It is well known that hemp oil contains high levels of Omega 3  essential fatty acid, which is important for cardiovascular health.  The use of hemp oil supplements as a rich source of antioxidants is not well known.

What is Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS?

The primary source of Oxidative Stress in Americans is blood.  Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS is a fraction of blood cells induced to generate reactive oxygen species (ROS).  High levels of ROS is Oxidative Stress.  It is thought that the Western Diet promotes BLOS, which afflicts more than 2/3 of adult Americans causing multiple health health problems.  BLOS isn’t just an American health problem, other countries that adopted the Western Diet also suffer from BLOS.

Western Diet promotes the growth of Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) in the gut, which causes BLOS.

Better lifestyle choices including diet, effective fitness, and antioxidant supplements may be the key to fighting BLOS for improved health.  Several eBooks and Books are available that describe how to use custom strategies to Hack BLOS for Male Infertility, Heart Disease, Diabetes, and Mental Illness.  Could Hemp Oil Supplements be an effective antioxidant supplement in these BLOS Health Hacks?

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Top 3 Antioxidant Supplements to Lower Oxidative Stress

Which Antioxidant Supplements Work The Best For Blood Oxidative Stress?

A review of the current medical research suggests that three Antioxidant Supplements may reduce Oxidative Stress for improved health.

Oxidative Stress

The two reported sources of Oxidative Stress are General and Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS.  General Oxidative Stress is the more familiar due to its earlier discovery.  However, BLOS is probably the primary cause of Oxidative Stress.  General Oxidative Stress results from short periods of elevated metabolism rates within cells that generates reactive oxygen species (ROS).  In contrast, BLOS is a large fraction of your blood cells induced to generate high levels of ROS.  Long term, elevated BLOS is the probable cause of multiple health problems.  More than 2/3 of adult Americans suffer from BLOS.  Both sources of Oxidative Stress result in high levels of ROS that diffuse throughout the body causing damage and health problems.  Although your body does produce low levels of antioxidant, excessive ROS may require an antioxidant supplement to manage Oxidative Stress.

Antioxidant supplements could manage BLOS
Where does BLOS come from? The Western Diet!

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