Learn How Oxidative Stress Impacts Skin Care

Can Managing Blood Oxidative Stress (BLOS) Improve Skin Care?

The Western lifestyle is bad for your skin.  The environmental, hygiene, and diet may all impact the health of your skin.  Numerous skin care products may provide protection or health benefit, but the science is complicated.  Oxidative stress is a new concern with regards to skin cancer and more.  Let’s learn how to modify your Western lifestyle to reduce oxidative stress for healthier skin.

Skin Problems in the USA

Adult Americans suffer from many different skin problems including skin cancer, dermatitis, eczema, acne, and more.  Oxidative stress is the cause of skin cancer from overexposure to sunlight.  Ultraviolet light generates oxidative stress in the exposed skin, which causes DNA damage.  The accumulation of DNA damage eventually causes skin cancer.  However, low levels of sunlight generates Vitamin D as a health benefit.  Non-cancerous skin problems are caused by or linked to oxidative stress and inflammation.

Skin Microbiome is Sensitive to Oxidative Stress

Elevated Oxidative Stress shifts the microbial ecology of your skin by selecting for bacteria that flourish under these conditions.  Cutibacterium acnes is a major skin bacteria that flourishes under elevated oxidative stress causing skin problems like acne (surprise!).  Reducing oxidative stress in the skin may reduce the levels of this bacteria and acne.

Oxidative Stress and Inflammation of the Skin

Environmental insults to skin can cause inflammation, which produces local oxidative stress.  This process is reversible with excessive oxidative stress  inducing inflammation.  Smoking and alcohol consumption are the most harmful environmental insults to your skin.  Smoking results in short-term inflammation and oxidative stress.  Excessive alcohol consumption dehydrates the skin and also generates short-term oxidative and subsequent inflammation.

Hard Water Bathing and Inflammation

Many Americans still suffer from the impact of hard water bathing.  Many municipalities produce safe drinking water from a ground water source.  However, ground water is hard compared to surface water (ex. River or Lake).  Hard water causes problems for cleaning with scale building up on on surfaces.  These calcium and magnesium compounds irritate the skin causing inflammation and oxidative stress.

Western Diet and Blood Oxidative Stress

The Western Diet may cause Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS, which are blood cells generating high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS).  This ROS is generated by the blood and impacts skin health.  BLOS may cause inflammation in the skin and elsewhere in the body.  A change in diet or the use of antioxidant supplements may reduce the impact of BLOS on the skin.

Recent Advances in Skin Care Products

New skin care products counter oxidative stress and inflammation.  Vitamin C enriched skin care products deliver this potent antioxidant to the skin.  A probiotic skin care product uses ammonia oxidizing bacteria to generate nitric oxide from ammonia in your sweat.  The nitric oxide generate from this probiotic may increase levels of nitric oxide in the blood for health benefit.


More recently, a skin care product with an anti-inflammatory compound showed promise in lowering inflammation biomarkers and reversing “inflammaging.”  Inflammaging is thought to be the cause of multiple health problems including Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.  It wouldn’t surprise me if BLOS is the true underlying cause of inflammaging.  Remember, Oxidative Stress can cause inflammation and BLOS is a major source of oxidative stress in the body including the skin.  Keep an eye out for new skin care products touting this benefit.  If you’re worried about inflammaging, then you could try this Inflammation Test.

Western Lifestyle Impact on Skin Health
Western Lifestyle Impacts Skin Care. Inflammation in the Skin causes Oxidative Stress and vice versa. Skin and bacteria are sensitive to external and internal sources of inflammation and oxidative stress.

Checklist for Modifying Your Western Lifestyle for Healthier Skin

Here’s a checklist of ways to modify your Western lifestyle for healthier skin and more.

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Health Hack Kits to Reduce Oxidative Stress and Improve Health

BLOS Health Hack Kits to Reducing Blood Oxidative Stress for Improved Health

More than 2/3 of adult Americans suffer from elevated Blood Oxidative Stress (BLOS), which may cause multiple health problems.  BLOS costs Americans about $1 Trillion in medical costs every year.  The primary cause of BLOS is the Western Diet, so proper dietary choices may reduce BLOS for improved health.  In addition, effective fitness and antioxidant supplements may also help manage BLOS.  How does someone organize a new health hack that uses these three lifestyle choices for reducing BLOS?  Are there custom health hack kits for specific health problems?

New eBooks and Books are the First Step of the Health Hack Strategy for Reducing BLOS

My four eBooks , “Let’s Hack Oxidative Stress”, “Let’s Hack Male Infertility”, “Let’s Hack Diabetes”, and “Let’s Hack Heart Disease” may be the key to helping you reduce your BLOS level for improved health.  Start your journey to low BLOS and improved health by reading one of my books.

eBooks and Paperbacks for Hacking Health by Reducing Blood Oxidative Stress

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Use MyFitnessPal to Monitor Oxidative Stress

MyFitnessPal can be used to Track BLOS and More!

Learn how to use MyFitnessPal to monitor Oxidative Stress and learn how your lifestyle choices influence your Oxidative Stress and health.  MyFitnessPal is a popular, free health app that tracks your fitness activities and dietary choices.  However, you can modify this app to track other measurements of interest to you.

Blood Oxidative Stress Should Concern You

It is estimated that more than 2/3 of adult American suffer from long-term, elevated Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS.  Blood cells induced to generate high levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS) is BLOS.  This ROS permeates the entire body causing damage to tissue and organs.  It is thought that food additives and preservatives containing inorganic sulfur may be the primary cause of BLOS.  Multiple health problems are also thought to be caused by long-term, elevated BLOS including obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, atherosclerosis, and higher risk of Cancer.  BLOS management may be the key to better health.  At this time, the Urine Oxidative Stress Test is the only available test for measuring BLOS.  Monitoring BLOS and lifestyle choices may provide insight into foods that trigger BLOS.

Use MyFitnessPal to Monitor Oxidative Stress and More

Download the MyFitnessPal app.  Setup your profile and select MY HOME menu option on your MyFitnessPal homepage.  Next, select the Check-In menu and you will see the following screen.  In the Track Additional Measurements screen, you simply fill in the Description below Add Another Measurement.  I entered BLOS, but you can add other measurements like Blood Sugar, A1C, and more.

MyFitnessPal track additional measurements
MyFitnessPal can be setup to track additional measurements, such as BLOS, Blood Sugar, A1C, and more!

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Does Blood Oxidative Stress Cause Low Sperm Count?

BLOS IVF Hack Kit to Reduce Oxidative Stress and Hack Male Infertility

Male infertility is a big problem in Western Countries.  There are multiple theories on the cause, but Blood Oxidative Stress (BLOS) is the only theory that could explain the bulk of it.  BLOS is widespread with more than 2/3 of adult Americans thought to suffer from it. The rise of the Western Diet and the increase of male infertility rates follow similar trends.  It is thought that the inorganic sulfur content of the processed foods may be the true dietary cause of BLOS.  If true, then managing BLOS will require a concerted, large-scale effort to generate useful dietary information based on BLOS measurement.  BLOS may be the Black Swan event for health care due to the enormous impact on health and cost.

What is Blood Oxidative Stress?

BLOS is blood cells that generate high amounts of reactive oxygen species (ROS).  These ROS are the primary molecule responsible for Oxidative Stress.  Oxidative Stress is thought to be the major cause of sperm dysfunction, but many medical researchers wrongly assume that the sperm cell is the source of Oxidative Stress.  BLOS is present throughout the body where ever blood flows with ROS permeating tissue and organs wreaking havoc.  Sperm are impacted by the ROS produced by BLOS just like all other parts of the body.

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Improve Your New Smart BMI Scale

Is there a way to improve the Smart BMI Scale?

People focus on weight as an ideal measure of health.  Everyone owns a bathroom scale and use it religiously to evaluate his or her lifestyle choices, both diet and fitness.  Has this approach been successful?  Western Countries struggle with an Obesity epidemic with increasing levels of unhealthy people.  More recently, researchers replaced weight with the Body Mass Index or BMI, which takes into consideration body shape.  New Smart BMI scales generate your BMI from your weight measurement and provide this information to your favorite health app.  The current BMI calculator only uses weight and height.  BMI ranges provide people with a gauge on whether they are normal (18.5-24.9), overweight (25.0-29.9), or obese (> 30).  Is this the best measure of health? 

Purchase the RENPHO Smart BMI Scale and Support Oxidative Stress Research

Weight and BMI are Risk Factors Not Causes of Poor Health

Weight and by extension, BMI, are risk factors for serious health problems like Cardiovascular Disease and Type 2 Diabetes.  However, long-term Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS may be the primary cause of these health problems and more.  Tests are available to measure Oxidative StressUrine Oxidative Stress Test Kits are the most affordable tests available right now.  Should you be worried about Blood Oxidative Stress?  More than 2/3 of adult Americans suffer from elevated Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS.  Maintaining a healthy BMI may not be enough, since normal weight individuals may also have Oxidative Stress.  Like Cardiovascular Disease, BLOS is asymptomatic and may take years before suffering severe health events.  Why wait for that to happen when you can evaluate your own BLOS right now.

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New EBook Describes Health Hack for Life

New EBook Describes Health Hack for Life

Does Oxidative Stress confuse and worry you?  Which foods should I avoid?  What are antioxidants?  Will exercise help?  Do I have Oxidative Stress?   What is Oxidative StressHow does Oxidative Stress impact my health?  Is there a health hack for life that reduces Oxidative Stress?

Health Hack for Life

The answers to these questions and more are in my new eBook, “Let’s Hack Oxidative Stress.”  In my eBook, I provide a simple strategy for using three lifestyle choices to reduce your Oxidative Stress and improve your health.  You need to measure your Oxidative Stress with a Urine Test Kit to monitor the progress of your Hack.  The rest of the items needed for your Hack should be available at local stores, but there is a simpler way to gather up all of the products for  your Hack: Buy an Oxidative Stress Hack Kit from my Store!

Find All of Your BLOS Hack Kit Products Here

In addition to my eBook, I identified several high quality products for your Hack.  I have already done the shopping for you!  There are Oxidative Stress Hack Kits for either gender in both Deluxe and Basic formats.  The Lite Oxidative Stress Hack Kit is for the health-conscious person that already has most of the items needed for the Hack.  Get your life back on track by getting a handle on Oxidative Stress.

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Oxidative Stress Prevention Tips Improve Health

Can Lifestyle Choices Reduce Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative Stress is the major healthcare problem plaguing the United States, Europe, and other countries that adopted the Western Diet.  The major source of Oxidative Stress is from the blood, which presents major problems for management or prevention to improve health.  First, Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS cannot be measured due to the lack of a proper method.  Second, BLOS is continuous (24/7), while General Oxidative Stress is temporary.  High, variable levels of Oxidative Stress depletes your body’s own antioxidants, whether from diet or the body.  Poor fitness in adult Americans also contributes to poor BLOS management due to minimal endogenous antioxidant production.  Endogenous means that your own body makes it.  Oxidative Stress prevention could be the key to improving health.

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Simple Fitness Tip That Reduces Hypertension

HemaGnosis provides free fitness tip for reducing hypertension

Hypertension is one of many health problems associated with Oxidative Stress.  In the fight against Oxidative Stress, improved fitness often takes the backseat to dietary changes.  Some folks think that a regimen of low-dose aspirin will reduce their risk of heart attack or stroke.  Recent research suggests that this idea is wrong.  The idea of exercise is dreadful for most people, especially as they get older and life gets more complicated.  This post provides information on a simple fitness tip that reduces Hypertension.  Always consult with your physician before making any changes in your exercise routine and diet (read our Disclaimer below).

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