New EBook Describes Health Hack for Life

New EBook Describes Health Hack for Life

Does Oxidative Stress confuse and worry you?  Which foods should I avoid?  What are antioxidants?  Will exercise help?  Do I have Oxidative Stress?   What is Oxidative StressHow does Oxidative Stress impact my health?  Is there a health hack for life that reduces Oxidative Stress?

Health Hack for Life

The answers to these questions and more are in my new eBook, “Let’s Hack Oxidative Stress.”  In my eBook, I provide a simple strategy for using three lifestyle choices to reduce your Oxidative Stress and improve your health.  You need to measure your Oxidative Stress with a Urine Test Kit to monitor the progress of your Hack.  The rest of the items needed for your Hack should be available at local stores, but there is a simpler way to gather up all of the products for  your Hack: Buy an Oxidative Stress Hack Kit from my Store!

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In addition to my eBook, I identified several high quality products for your Hack.  I have already done the shopping for you!  There are Oxidative Stress Hack Kits for either gender in both Deluxe and Basic formats.  The Lite Oxidative Stress Hack Kit is for the health-conscious person that already has most of the items needed for the Hack.  Get your life back on track by getting a handle on Oxidative Stress.

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Effective Supplement of Vitamin C Reduces Oxidative Stress

Can you eat enough fruit to be an effective antioxidant?

Can Vitamin C reduce Oxidative Stress?  Vitamin C has antioxidant properties, which means that it reacts with reactive oxygen species (ROS) to neutralize it.  There are reports of Vitamin C being an ineffective antioxidant supplement.  However, a mismatch of the supplement format compared to the source of Oxidative Stress may be the cause.  Supplements come in three main formats, which provide the release of the compounds immediate, time, or sustained release.

Immediate Release

The immediate release is usually a tablet format or chewable.  This format provides a near instantaneous increase in the concentration of the compound in the blood.  This assumes implied losses due to stomach digestion and absorption prior to entry into the blood stream.


With time-release, the format prevents rapid capsule digestion in the stomach with release in the small intestine.  Time-release is not immediate, but it does avoid losses due to stomach digestion.  Both immediate and time-release formats provide a short-term spike in compound concentration in the bloodstream.


With sustained-release, the capsule releases the compounds over several hours, which will provide a steady, low concentration of the compound(s) in the blood stream. Which supplement format is the best for antioxidant effectiveness?

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BLOS is a Positive Black Swan for Health Care

BLOS could be a Positive Black Swan for Health Care.

If Black Swan in the title got your attention, then you are already familiar with Nassim Taleb’s work on Black Swans.  Beyond the financial sector, there is interest in predicting Black Swans in other sectors including Health Care.  What if the Black Swan for Health Care isn’t a digital product or novel class of promising drugs?  What if it’s a new, broad impacting asymptomatic disease that escaped the attention of medical researchers and the general public?  This potential Black Swan is Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS.  An estimated 2/3 of adult Americans suffer from BLOS costing $1T/year in Health Care costs.  BLOS extends beyond the USA impacting Europe and many countries that adopted the Western Diet.

Blood Oxidative Stress may be the Black Swan for Health Care
BLOS could be the Positive Black Swan for Health Care.

What is Blood Oxidative Stress (BLOS)?

Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS is a high percentage of blood cells generating reactive oxygen species (ROS).  Once induced to generate ROS, these blood cells generate it until replacement (about 1 week).  The high prevalence of BLOS in Western Countries suggests that the Western Diet may be the culprit.  One theory suggests that excessive dietary inorganic sulfur may lead to the proliferation of sulfate reducing bacteria (SRB) in the gut.  Many food preservatives and additives contain inorganic sulfur, which is common in the Western Diet.  In turn, these SRB have the potential to generate high amounts of sulfide in the gut.  Short bursts of sulfide production in the gut are thought to induce the ROS response in captive blood cells.

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Best Antioxidant Supplements For Your Pet

Which antioxidant supplements are the best for your pets?

If Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS impacts your pet’s health, then an antioxidant supplement may help reduce BLOS and improve your pet’s health.  BLOS has been suggested as a cause of Obesity and Diabetes, since it can inhibit glucose transport and fat metabolism.  There is a growing problem of obesity and diabetes in our pets.  Are we feeding our pets too much or is it something in the food causing BLOS?  Here is s an in-depth guide to the problem of obesity in dogs.  Beyond pet food, we may be able help our pets by providing an effective antioxidant supplement.  Could antioxidant supplements consisting of effective antioxidants and designed for time-release help your pet?  We reviewed the scientific research and provided a short list of the Best Antioxidant Supplements for your Pet.

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Oxidative Stress Prevention Tips Improve Health

Can Lifestyle Choices Reduce Oxidative Stress?

Oxidative Stress is the major healthcare problem plaguing the United States, Europe, and other countries that adopted the Western Diet.  The major source of Oxidative Stress is from the blood, which presents major problems for management or prevention to improve health.  First, Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS cannot be measured due to the lack of a proper method.  Second, BLOS is continuous (24/7), while General Oxidative Stress is temporary.  High, variable levels of Oxidative Stress depletes your body’s own antioxidants, whether from diet or the body.  Poor fitness in adult Americans also contributes to poor BLOS management due to minimal endogenous antioxidant production.  Endogenous means that your own body makes it.  Oxidative Stress prevention could be the key to improving health.

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What Are The Signs Of Oxidative Stress From Blood?

Is BLOS an Asymptomatic Disease?

The signs of oxidative stress from blood take years to fully develop, but early diagnosis may prevent many health problems.  The traditional approach to disease diagnosis is through the observation of one or more symptoms.  Rapid, accurate diagnosis is the key to treating symptomatic diseases.  Diseases that take years or decades to manifest as symptoms are Asymptomatic and rely on the underlying pathology for diagnosis.  Two examples of Asymptomatic Diseases are Alzheimer’s and Cardiovascular Diseases.  A recent news article describes how the Research Community redefined Alzheimer’s Disease as an Asymptomatic Disease.  In turn, this new definition will lead the development of new drugs for treating the underlying pathology before symptoms develop.  Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS is another Asymptomatic Disease that demands more attention from the medical research community and public health officials.

Blood Oxidative Stress (BLOS)

Oxidative Stress receives lots of attention from medical researchers with new theories suggesting it causes multiple health problems including an increased risk of cancer.  There at least two sources of Oxidative Stress and Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS may be the dominant source.  BLOS may be the true underlying cause of several diseases.  In fact, the underlying cause of Cardiovascular Disease may be BLOS, since it provides a mechanistic model for atherosclerosis that does not depend on a genetic mutation.

Learning about Signs of Oxidative Stress from Blood may prevent long-term development of serious health problems.
BLOS is another Asymptomatic Disease like Alzheimer’s and Cardiovascular Diseases. Learn about the signs of oxidative stress from blood in order to prevent long term health problems from developing.

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