Use Book to Reduce Oxidative Stress and Improve Mental Health


In his new Book, “Let’s Hack Mental Illness”, Dr. Peter Stroot describes how to organize a health hack to improve mental health.  Some of the more common Mental Illnesses, such as Depression and Anxiety, may be treatable with lifestyle changes.  There are multiple barriers to mental health treatment including financial and lack of available mental health professionals.  New digital technologies are available and offer a cost-effective option to assist people suffering from a Mental Illness with both evaluation and treatment.  This Book provides a new strategy that combines lifestyle choices with two technologies to evaluate the impact on mental health.

Blood Oxidative Stress May Impact Mental Illness

There are multiple theories on the cause of mental illness.  Most experts agree that genetics, environmental factors, and diet or some combination cause mental illness.  Oxidative Stress is an environmental factor that alters gene expression throughout the body.  Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS, the primary source of Oxidative Stress afflicting humans.  BLOS afflicts more than 2/3 of adult Americans and may be a major cause of Mental Illnesses.   One out of five adult Americans suffer from any Mental Illness.  Use available technology to evaluate how your lifestyle choices affect your Oxidative Stress and mental health.  If you can Track It, then you can Hack It! 

New Book Could Save You Money

In the United States, the initial consultation for mental illness will cost you $500 with sessions costing you $100 per hourWho can afford a psychiatrist?  This eBook focuses on two of the most common mental illnesses, Depression and Anxiety.  With an organized strategy, you can make key Lifestyle changes to reduce Oxidative Stress and evaluate your mental health for improvement.  Like a bathroom scale measures your weight, the Urine Test kit measures your  Oxidative Stress level.  This technology evaluates your Lifestyle Choices to determine their effectiveness at reducing Oxidative Stress.  The T2 Mood Tracker is a FREE phone app for Android or iPhone that evaluates and records your mental health.  The three essential products for this Hack costs less than $60.  Many more products for fitness, diet, and more could also improve your Hack, but keep you within a budget of $500.

Use this Book to organize your Hack Strategy to Reduce Oxidative Stress and Hack Mental Illness!

Try this new BLOS Mental Illness Hack Kit and improve your mental health.

BLOS Mental Illness Hack Kit designed to lower your Oxidative Stress for Improved Mental Health

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Finally, check with your physician before making any changes to your fitness routine and diet.

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