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The BLOS Hack Kit EZ combines the Starter Urine Oxidative Stress Test Kit with my new eBook  or paperback.  My new eBook or paperback provides a strategy using 3 Lifestyle Choices to Reduce Oxidative Stress.  This Kit empowers people that already follow an effective Diet and have fitness equipment and use high quality antioxidant supplements.  Use the BLOS Hack Kit EZ to manage Blood Oxidative Stress.

BLOS Hack Kit EZ is an Inexpensive Way To Hack Oxidative Stress

The BLOS Hack Kit EZ is the affordable way to get started with your Hack of Oxidative Stress.  With the Starter Urine Oxidative Stress Test Kit, you will be able to test 5 urine samples.  Use it to determine whether your Diet is effective at reducing your Oxidative Stress.

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Infographic describing the components of the BLOS Hack Kits

Finally, check with your physician before making any changes to your fitness routine and diet.

All revenue generated through the purchase of these products using the Amazon links on this website supports Blood Oxidative Stress Research. 

Click on the image below to download our Free Report on the Best Vitamin C Supplement for fighting Oxidative Stress.

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