What Are The Signs Of Oxidative Stress From Blood?

The signs of oxidative stress from blood take years to fully develop, but early diagnosis may prevent many health problems.  The traditional approach to disease diagnosis is through the observation of one or more symptoms.  Rapid, accurate diagnosis is the key to treating symptomatic diseases.  Diseases that take years or decades to manifest as symptoms are Asymptomatic and rely on the underlying pathology for diagnosis.  Two examples of Asymptomatic Diseases are Alzheimer’s and Cardiovascular Diseases.  A recent news article describes how the Research Community redefined Alzheimer’s Disease as an Asymptomatic Disease.  In turn, this new definition will lead the development of new drugs for treating the underlying pathology before symptoms develop.  Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS is another Asymptomatic Disease that demands more attention from the medical research community and public health officials.

Blood Oxidative Stress (BLOS)

Oxidative Stress receives lots of attention from medical researchers with new theories suggesting it causes multiple health problems including an increased risk of cancer.  There at least two sources of Oxidative Stress and Blood Oxidative Stress or BLOS may be the dominant source.  BLOS may be the true underlying cause of several diseases.  In fact, the underlying cause of Cardiovascular Disease may be BLOS, since it provides a mechanistic model for atherosclerosis that does not depend on a genetic mutation.

Learning about Signs of Oxidative Stress from Blood may prevent long-term development of serious health problems.
BLOS is another Asymptomatic Disease like Alzheimer’s and Cardiovascular Diseases. Learn about the signs of oxidative stress from blood in order to prevent long term health problems from developing.

Signs of Oxidative Stress from Blood

Like Cardiovascular Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease, medical research can evaluate the underlying pathology of BLOS.  The presence of a high percentage of ROS+ blood cells and low plasma sulfide concentration are the signs of oxidative stress from blood.  Currently, the gold standard for measuring BLOS is an expensive method involving flow cytometry.  HemaGnosis will develop an inexpensive method for measuring BLOS that will be critical for early detection and management of BLOS.  You can support BLOS Research efforts by purchasing items through the BLOS World Store.

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